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If I want more detail than these answers?

Visit the How it Works page and the Insights pages to see more detailed information on most of the questions asked below. We are here to help if you need more information contact us with a message in the Contact us page. 

What type of tips do I get?

Tips can be single a head-to-head result or they can be for a player to achieve a certain amount of points or yards gained during the game. Multi bets are tips that may have 2 or more consecutive all up bets.  You can see examples of what tips you will receive and how to place them in the Insights section of our website.

How much sports betting experience do I need to have?

None! ABT will provide all the information you need in a simple way.  You will only need to be able to place the bets with the licensed betting service you choose.

How much money do I need to start?

 There is no minimum requirement for you to start. Suggested stake amounts are given  in Units and the Unit value is set by you initially. Learn more about your Unit value and Bankroll in the “How it Works page” 

Is there a betting system that tells me how much to bet

Yes. We strongly recommend you follow our suggested betting system. Your personal dashboard will calculate the value of your next units  (betting stake) and will update each time you use it. When you win you bet more, and if you lose ,you bet less.

What is the purpose of a Bankroll and a Unit Value?

We use the bankroll number and a unit value number to guide you on betting  the right amount for the betting system to work more consistently and to maintain safe betting.

What is a Bankroll?

Realistically, your bankroll is just a number that determines what your Unit value is. Your Unit value is  1% of your bankroll. Example, if you’re comfortable with a betting unit of $10 your bankroll number is $1000. If you like to bet more you can set your Bankroll to $5000 and your Unit value will be $50

What is the Unit Value?

Tips are provided to you with a suggested Unit stake. Example, your tip says bet 2 units.  If your unit value is $10 and your tip says 2 units, your bet amount is $20. Your unit value is always 1% of your bankroll.  Bankroll is $1000 your unit value is $10.

Can I get a refund?

Refund requets will only be granted within 24hrs of becoming a member. 

Can I change my Membership Package after joining? 

Yes, you can change from Monthly to Quarterly or Yearly and you can change from Quarterly to Yearly. 

How do I change my Membership Package? 

We want to make sure that a change of Package considers the credit you have at the time you want to make the change. Just send us a message in the Contact section or via email and we will process the change and advise you by email. 

Can I share my tips?

Sorry no! If Aus Bet Tips establishes that a member is sharing tips publicly. Their Membership can be cancelled. You should also consider, why reduce your betting odds with the agency by giving people winning tips?

When are the membership fees charged to my card?

Monthly subscriptions are charged on the 1st of each month and paid in advance. 
If your payment is not successful, the ABT tips ceases immediately. Quarterly and Yearly subscriptions offering discounted fees are paid in the shopping cart at the time of signing up and you will be sent a renewal notice when your subscription is due. 

Are there any restrictions for who can join? 

Yes, and it is important to us. When you sign up you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old and will only place bets with licensed betting agencies. We take responsible gambling very seriously. Anyone is welcome to join provided they match the above criteria. 


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